``Comfort Farms`` (Feature Documentary)

Logline: Accompanied by an unlikely group of veterans, animal-loving butchers, farmers and chefs, a former combat Army Ranger launches a new mission at Comfort Farms-a unique therapy farm meant to help those at high risk for suicide.

Comfort Farms is a 2020 documentary film distributed by Gravitas Ventures. The film explores some of the people and events at Comfort Farms, a veteran therapy farm founded by former combat army Ranger and farmer Jon Jackson. The film was directed by Carlisle Kellam and features interviews with combat veterans Trenton Free, Jon Jackson, C. Sabathne, Forest Giles Jr. and Scott Kennedy. The film won Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2020. Learn more at www.comfortfarmsmovie.com

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Atlanta, Georgia – USA