Broadcast Station IDs

These are average budget station IDs I worked on as director of photography. I worked with a full crew and had a good equipment budget. The IDs were used on the Bounce TV Network.

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Broadcast Cartoon Network Spot

This is an average budget spot done for Cartoon Network here in Atlanta. I was director of photography on this spot – hired by a local production company. We had a full crew and a decent equipment budget. The goal was to recreate the “Monster Trucks” trailer as if it were created by young “fans”. The spot was for broadcast and web.

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Low Budget ``Growth`` spot

Here’s another example of a low budget spot for a decent sized brand. The brand was Fit-to-Fight the production company was Famous No.body. The spot was used for web and other promotional purposes.

We had a decent sized crew on this one but nothing all that fancy in terms of equipment. We shot on Canon DSLRS and used Canon lenses.

I worked with Famous No.body to conceive the idea. I also directed shot and edited it.

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Low Budget Bacon Spot

This is a good example of a low budget, unsupervised, “run-and-gun” spot for a large brand. The brand was Hormel — the agency BBDO. The project premiered on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego at Hormel’s annual bacon festival.

I reverse engineered the spot from footage I took with a short film in mind. On occasion I’d take advantage of other situations like work or leisure to gather footage to accompany an idea.

I conceived the idea, shot and edited the spot with very little crew.

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``Comfort Farms`` (Feature Documentary)

Logline: Accompanied by an unlikely group of veterans, animal-loving butchers, farmers and chefs, a former combat Army Ranger launches a new mission at Comfort Farms-a unique therapy farm meant to help those at high risk for suicide.

Comfort Farms is a 2020 documentary film distributed by Gravitas Ventures. The film explores some of the people and events at Comfort Farms, a veteran therapy farm founded by former combat army Ranger and farmer Jon Jackson. The film was directed by Carlisle Kellam and features interviews with combat veterans Trenton Free, Jon Jackson, C. Sabathne, Forest Giles Jr. and Scott Kennedy. The film won Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2020. Learn more at

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``The Marketeer`` (Short Film)

The Marketeer is a short film produced by myself and Famous No.body almost a decade ago now. I wrote, directed, shot and edited the project. My business partner at the time — and other friends and colleagues from the theatre world — performed in it. And, of course, as the cliche goes we made it with no real money, but just for the fun of it — favors done and favors returned. It premiered at the Asheville Film Festival.

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Carlisle Kellam Director of Photography Reel (Short)

Carlisle Kellam / Director of Photography / Reel (long version)